Installation and maintenance of full range of electronic security and safety related equipments.

    1. Close Circuit Monitoring (CCTV)
    2. Intruder Alarm Sensor, Detector, Digital Communicator, Panic Alarm Perimeter Protection.
    3. Security Accessories – Metal/ Explosive Detector Bullet Proofing Etc.

Recruitment policy: The utmost attention is given to the recruitment of our personnel in accordance with stringent parameters laid down as a Group Policy. This includes education, age, and physical and mental fitness background and service-records checking.

Our training and expertise: UNITED SECURITY SERVICE provides massive and high-quality training to the prospective manpower to become the perfect security professional in true sense. We train the people on the following aspects to achieve the exclusive authority on the profession so that the highest level of performance is gained.

    1. Guarding skills
    2. Search procedure
    3. Crisis management
    4. Self defense
    5. Fire control and prevention
    6. First aid
    7. VIP/executive escort
    8. Physical fitness
    9. Customs and etiquette
    10. Personal hygiene

To keep them physically Fit, Effective, Efficient and Energetic we are maintaining Craftsmanship in this profession. Our trainers got a reliable experience in different Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations in this relevant field.