To avoid the party affiliated of your organization by serving and managing various types of employees

    We do care for your:
    1. Cleaner
    2. Office Boy
    3. Driver
    4. Messenger
Designation Rate Per Person/Per Month Based on Duty Per Day

Security In-charge Tk. 20,000.00s 08 hrs. basis
Security Supervisor Tk. 12,500.00 08 hrs. basis
Lady Guard Tk. 9,000.00 08 hrs. basis
Security Guard Tk.,9000.00 08 hrs. basis
Cleaner Tk. 9,500.00 12 hrs. basis
Office Peon Tk. 13,500.00 12 hrs. basis

Please note that VAT will be charged on total monthly billing amount as per the Government rules.

This consolidated charge includes:
1. Salary/ allowances and other staff related costs (Such as Uniform and other Supplies, Insurance, Medical Leave, Annual Leave, Sick Leave and any other Fringe Benefits Applicable to Staff Costs);
2. Overhead costs (Such as office Expenses, Monitoring and Patrolling, Depreciation Costs for Vehicles and Equipment, Liaison Maintaining Costs etc.).