About Us

Our Aim: With UNITED SECURITY SERVICE, you are completely assured for gainsaying performance in the following aspects and fields that are really generated form our freelance experience concerned.

  • a. Guarding Services.
  • b. Facilities Services.
  • c. Security Systems.
  • d. Check list and Monitoring Services.


The Guarding Services include the following facilities, which are highly demanded to maintain law and order situation in support of smooth functional operation on day-to-day basis

Total Number of Security Guards:
Above 1250 persons.
The undersigned certifies on behalf of the entity that all information stated above and the attachments are true and correct, and no information has been suppressed. The undersigned acknowledges that any one at any time may verify the above information.

Total Number of Staffs : 25 prs.

i) Office Management 06 prs.
ii) Operation Dept. 09 prs.
iii) Admin Dept. 02 prs.
iv) Accounts Dept. 02 prs.
v) Sales Dept 02 prs.
vi) Support Staffs 04 prs.